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Best Rats and Rodent Pest Control Andheri

Rats cause a lot of damage in Home & Commercial Places. As the teeth of rodents continue to grow over their lifetime, they need to gnaw on hard substances such as lead and plastic pipes, insulation material and electric wiring. This habit increases the risk of short circuits and fires. In addition to this, they transmit a number of dangerous diseases such as Salmonella, Leptospirosis (Weil disease), Tuberculosis and even tape worms.

Rats cause a lot of contamination. One single rat equals more than 30000 droppings per year, which contain allergens that can cause acute allergic reactions.

Rats introduce secondary pests. Rats are also known to introduce other pests, such as fleas, mites and ticks into the premise, causing additional damage.

Consequences of Rats on your Business

Alarm:- Immediate loss of trust from customers and employees especially in food processing, industrial & manufacturing and food & beverage sectors.

Damage:- Damage of goods and equipment such as computers, electrical appliances, wires and pipes in offices and business premises.

Losses:- Infestations may cause product recalls and loss of contracts which can lead to financial loss and bad company reputation.

Legal:- Failure to comply with legislation could lead to business closure or fines.

Have a rat problem?

Rats are nocturnal and usually hide from humans. The typical signs of a rat problem in the home are:

Scratching noises in walls or under the floor as rats scurry around.

Droppings – rats leave dark, tapered droppings about 10-14mm long.

Distinctive smell – rats leave an ammonia-like smell that will be particularly strong in enclosed areas such as under cupboards.

Bite marks – rats have teeth that grow continuously and gnaw on wood and plastic to keep them trim. Rats can even cause fires by chewing through cables.

Ripped food packaging – rats will tear open food which may leave teeth marks.

Nests – rats build nests in warm, hidden places using shredded material such as newspaper and fabrics. Nests will often contain young rats.

Burrows - in gardens, rats will dig burrows especially in compost heaps or under sheds. They will also build nests under garden decking.

Smears - build-up of dirt and grease from the rats fur, commonly on walls and surfaces where rats commute.

Why Choose Professional Rat Control Services?

Besides effective solutions, a successful rodent (rat) management program also requires much planning and time to implement, which is why we have developed our scope of work to manage the rat infestation effectively at your residential and commercial places.

We Provided Following Services

Andheri Pest Control (APC) is the best in business as we focus on systematic investigation, advanced technology and efficient treatment plans. Independent houses, residential complexes, and commercial properties are covered by our pest control service in Andheri.